About MoodSwings

The MoodSwings program is currently being evaluated via a research study.  If you would like to participate in the MoodSwings program in future,

please join our waiting list.


The MoodSwings research team gratefully acknowledge the countless contributions of our friend and colleague Iola Gwizdowski.

We also thank Brian Overstreet for his hard work and dedication in finalising the technical upgrades of the MoodSwings program.

The MoodSwings research team also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the following organisations in the development of the MoodSwings program:

National Institutes of Health – Funding and support for the current trial of the MoodSwings program.

The Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund and Carol Smit – Scholarship funding for research staff.

Australian Rotary Health - Scholarship funding for research staff.

Beyondblue – Funding and support for previous trials of the MoodSwings program.

The MoodSwings research team would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their assistance and support:

Test Monkeys Media – Development of interactive images.

Jessica McGinness-Whyte – Voice over actor for instructional video content.

International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) – Providing informational video content.